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SmartClear II Pro 



The SmartClear II Pro is a intelligent transparent electrophoresis instrument with stochastic electrotransport technology, combined with the SHIELD fixation method, to maximize the protection of sample proteins and nucleic acids during the rapid tissue clearing. According to different experimental requirements, sample cup can be customized. During the degreasing process, the voltage, current, temperature, electric field rotation speed and other experimental conditions of the equipment can be adjusted, so that the experimenter can obtain better experimental conditions according to their own experimental characteristics.


Enjoy batch tissue clearing while keeping costs low and samples protected


Multi-Purpose Function

Batch Processing and Customization: 4 whole mouse brains or 2 rat brains can be cleared simultaneously. Larger clearing chamber enables clearing of various sample types and sizes that can be customized according to your needs.


Cost-Effective Clearing of Bulk Quantity

Cost-effective and Eco-friendly: New-generation buffer set lasts around 10 days without loss of its clearing ability. Lower running costs for samples as the same volume of buffer is used regardless of size and number of samples.


Fast, Easy, and Reliable

Fast & Easy: Order of magnitude faster than passive clearing. Our ready-to-use technologies bring plug-and-play options to clearing.

Reliable: Prevents tissue damage with stochastic electrotransport technology (Kim, PNAS, 2015). Our nanoporous membranes (patent-pending) eliminate tissue contamination, tissue browning, black precipitates and tissue deformation while providing uniform clearing.


Exportable Clearing History & Data


Perfect Clearing with Maximal FP Signal Preservation

FP Signals: Maximum preservation of fluorescent protein (FP) signals with optimized buffers that maintain pH.

Optical Clarity: Minimum light scatter. Removes lipid best for best antibody diffusion. Optimal imaging and staining quality that is compatible with SmartLabel, our rapid staining system for intact samples.

Clearing Technique Compatibility and Comparisons

SmartClear II Pro  


MAP(Ku,Nature Biotechnology,2016)

These methods avoid the loss of endogenous fluorescence and tissue shrinkage present in organic solvent-based clearing methods like BABB, iDisco, uDisco, 3DISCO, and vDISCO.


Get the first step of tissue processing right with our easy & reliable solution kit

Superior Tissue Preservation

Versatile: Safeguards endogenous fluorescence, protein antigenicity, nucleic acids, and overall tissue architecture. Synergizes with a range of existing tissue processing approaches including SWITCH (Cell, 2015) and MAP (NBT, 2016). 

Easy, Fast & Reliable

Easy & Reliable: Superior tissue preservation vs. CLARITY, without the variability of hydrogel embedding. Compatible with both non-fixed and PFA-fixed tissues.

Fast: Streamlined protocol preserves samples in a matter of days with minimal steps.

Protects Tissue for Multi-Round Processing

Repeated Staining & Imaging: Protects tissue during FP-imaging and antibody labeling across individual rounds.

Technical information:

250-mL SHIELD kit: Preserve 8 whole mouse brains or samples of equivalent size. Includes:

· SHIELD Epoxy (250 mL)

· SHIELD Buffer (125 mL)

· SHIELD ON (250 mL)

500-mL SHIELD kit: Preserve 16 whole mouse brains or samples of equivalent size. Includes:

· SHIELD Epoxy (500 mL)

· SHIELD Buffer (250 mL)

· SHIELD ON (500 mL)

Passive Clearing Kit


Tissue Clearing

Try the universal passive transparency method, our simple and reliable kit includes what you need! The kit includes sample fixation reagents, clearing reagents and refractive index matching samples for three-dimensional imaging and analysis.


We offer two different kit sizes:

250 mL Kit: 250 mL SHIELD, 250 mL Passive Clearing Buffer, 250 mL EasyIndex. Capacity to process 8 or more mouse brains.

500 mL Kit: 500 mL SHIELD, 500 mL Passive Clearing Buffer, 500 mL EasyIndex. Capacity to process 16 or more mouse brains.

When you have mastered the experience of passive transparency, by using SmartClear II Pro to upgrade to electrophoresis transparency, you can greatly increase the transparency speed and sample throughput.


Technical parameter

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