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SmartLabel intelligent fluorescent labeling electrophoresis instrument adopts stochastic electrotransport and special film, which protects the sample protein to the greatest extent during the labeling process, and realizes the uniform labeling of intact tissues and organs. Make full use of fluorescent probes, reduce waste and non-specific labels. Allow the experimenter to obtain good labeling results. 



Rapid Immunostaining with Unparalleled Uniformity

Fast: Label large, intact samples such as rodent organs an order of magnitude faster than with passive labeling (≤ 24 hours vs. weeks to months).

Easy: Turnkey operation – simply load the buffers and your sample & probes. Perform 2 distinct labeling experiments simultaneously thanks to SmartLabel’s dual chamber design. 

Efficient: Uses a small amount of antibody (as little as ~3 µg) to label tissues the size of a whole mouse brain.

Reliable: Prevents tissue damage with Stochastic Electrotransport technology (Kim, PNAS, 2015). Our nanoporous membranes (patent-pending) eliminate tissue contamination and probe loss.


Complete and Uniform Labeling

• Achieves unparalleled uniformity of signal intensity from surface to core using LifeCanvas’s advanced eFLASH (Yun, bioRxiv, 2019) protocol.

 Combines rapid, Stochastic Electrotransport-mediated (Kim, PNAS, 2015) infiltration of probes into tissue with the SWITCH technique (Murray, Cell, 2015) of controlling probe binding kinetics.


Cost Savings by Avoiding Target Saturation

Prevents antibody depletion caused by excessive binding to superficial tissue sites and ensures the sample’s center is well-labeled. 

Compatible with Many Cleared-Tissue Techniques


MAP(Ku,Nature Biotechnology,2016)





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